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Your favorite Allvane products regularly delivered to your door at a savings to you.

How it Works

Our entire Allvane product line is available for subscription. Sign up to receive just one product or as many products as you like. Plus, enjoy free shipping on all orders!

  1. Simply visit the product of your choice at, select the frequency you’d like to receive it and add to your cart.
    • Every 30 days — save 20%
    • Every 60 days — save 10%
  2. Follow the checkout process, as instructed. If you don’t yet have an Allvane account, one will be created at this time.
  3. Once the checkout process is complete, you will receive an email confirming your order, which will include the date to expect your next shipment.
  4. Then, cross this item off your to-do list and rest assured that your CBD will be on the way on the regular.

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