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Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness

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*This blog is authored by Guild. Guild is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering those living with mental illness and/or those experiencing chronic homelessness.

1 in 5 People Have a Mental Illness

Did you know that if you’re at brunch with five friends, statistically, one of you is likely to have a mental illness? And, if you’re at an event of 100 people, it’s probable that 20 of those people are living with a mental illness. The data shows that mental illness is incredibly common. So, why aren’t we talking about it more?

Mental Illness Can Be Confusing – But it is Treatable!

Mental illness is classified as a disorder that affects your feelings, behavior, and/or thinking. It occurs for a variety of reasons, including genetics, environment and lifestyle changes, brain chemistry, and more. While there are some common denominators across mental illnesses, every person’s experience is unique.

Just like everyone’s experience with mental illness is unique, their treatment is, too! Some people may have anxiety and do well on medication; others may have schizophrenia and have a more challenging time finding a medication that works for them. But, no matter where someone starts, it’s always possible to heal and start on the road to recovery from a mental illness. With the right mix of therapy, medications, support, and stability, people can manage their mental health and live fulfilling lives.

A Holistic Approach to Treatment

That’s where Guild comes in. Guild is a Minnesota not-for-profit founded more than 40 years ago that empowers those living with mental illness and/or experiencing long-term homelessness by helping them find the tools they need to lead stable, fulfilling lives in communities of their choosing. 

Guild offers three key service lines: mental health treatment, employment services, and housing support. In short, this means that Guild helps individuals living with mental illness find recovery while providing them with wraparound housing and employment services so that they can thrive. From helping folks secure in-patient treatment to helping clients find employment and housing, Guild help anywhere we are needed.

Learn More about Guild

Watch this short video to learn more about Guild’s history and bright future!

Allvane is proud to have supported Guild as our 2021 charitable partner.

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