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CBD Oil Sampler 500mg – Save $160


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New to CBD or looking for a great gift for someone you love? Our Allvane 500mg CBD Oil sampler is a great place to start. All four of our CBD 500mg oils are included for Focus, Unwind, Pain and Wellness. A special winter sale price plus free shipping. Say you care with the gift of health!

CBD Oil Sampler
+ Pain
+ Focus Formula
+ Unwind Formula
+ Everyday Formula

+ Calming properties settle your mind
+ No caffeine and no crash
+ Safe, non-addictive
+ 100% plant-based
+ Superior absorption (coconut-oil has a high concentration of fatty acids, creating a stronger binding agent for CBD)

How much CBD to take:
How much you need depends on a number of factors, including:
+ Your body weight.
+ The severity of the condition you’re treating
+ Your individual body chemistry

Use this guide as a general rule of thumb, recognizing it might look differently for you. We always recommend starting with a lower dose, trying for a few days and increasing the amount as needed to find the right fit.

Severity of condition/Weight 85-150lbs 151-240lbs 241+ lbs
Mild 10-15mg 15-20mg 20-25mg
Moderate 15-20mg 20-25mg 25-30mg
Severe 20-25mg 25-35mg 35-45mg

Allvane CBD Oil comes in two concentrations:
+ 500mg has 17mg of CBD in 1 dropper.
+ 1500mg has 35mg of CBD in 1 dropper.
Our measured droppers take the guess work out of how much you are taking.

For Best Results:
+ Use CBD oil consistently. Similar to a daily vitamin, the benefits are more likely to be experienced when part of your regular routine.
+ Track how much you take each day along with how you’re feeling so can you determine the best dosage for you.
+ Don’t like the flavor? Add to your beverage.
+ Store in a cool, dry place.
+ If you’re taking other medication, always consult your doctor before starting a CBD regimen.

Why Allvane?
All of our products are:
+ THC-free (you can use them for work, school, and regular, everyday life)
+ Made from hemp grown in the USA by producers we know are using practices that we trust
+ Rigorously tested by a 3rd party lab, using the highest level of standards available in the United States. (Learn why that matters.)
+ 10% of every purchase goes back to the community
+ Measured droppers (takes the guesswork out of dosage)

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