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Allvane gives back

Allvane gives back

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Relief for Good goes beyond our products: it’s the core of our business.

In the spirit of the enduring curiosity of researchers, scientists and explorers, we commit to giving 10% back to causes and organizations that seek to make the world a better place through discovery. Whether in pursuit of a life-changing cure or providing a life-changing moment in time, Allvane strives to create well-being in the world by giving back.

We are proud to support Wiggle Your Toes as our charitable partner in 2020

Discover Wiggle Your Toes

We have seen first-hand the difference Wiggle Your Toes makes in changing lives and are proud to support them as our charitable partner in 2020. Through personalized support, practical answers, resources and tools, Wiggle Your Toes helps empower Amputees to move forward, take action and flourish in the life they want.

Wiggle Your Toes is based in the Twin Cities in Minnesota with a satellite chapter in Austin, TX. The organization helps victims and families who have experienced limb loss nationwide. Whether it be an accident, an illness or a disease, the organization is dedicated to helping people regain independence and mobility. Support includes legal, home modifications, transportation, finance, medical equipment, therapy, prosthetists, prosthetics and more.

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