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Can I Give My Dog CBD?

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With the wag of their tail or a wiggle of their nose, your dog won your heart. Now, the pooch you swore would never sleep on the bed has its own special pillow and is an official member of your family. Just like a human member of the family, pets experience challenges in life like anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, and changes to their bodies as they grow older. Not to mention, stressful events like the upcoming 4th of July (hello, fireworks!). Can I give my dog CBD, you ask? Let’s find out how CBD may help support your dog’s everyday needs.

How Cannabinoids Work in Animals

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, a chemical compound, found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. There are hundreds of cannabinoids present in this plant, with THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) being the most prevalent and CBD being the second most prevalent.

Like you, your pet has an endocannabinoid system. Its primary function is to help maintain balance in your dog’s body. The ECS naturally produces cannabinoids that help to regulate pain, sleep, and the immune system to name a few. The great news is that body can respond to external sources of cannabinoids, including CBD, which lends a supportive hand if the body isn’t operating as efficiently as it should.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

For pets suffering from anxiety, arthritis, or any other debilitating conditions, high-quality cannabidiol from trusted sources may lend a hand in their quality of life. 

Calm for Anxiety and Stress

Does your doggy give you big doe eyes every time you walk out the door, only for you to come home to piles of ripped up carpet, destroyed furniture, and mutilated shoes? You may be dealing with a bad case of anxiety. For some of our furry friends, it only manifests in particular situations, like a car ride, a trip to the vet’s office or 4th of July fireworks. For others, it’s a daily occurrence that can lead to many sleepless nights and chewed-up pillows. While anxiety treatments are the least studied condition for CBD treatments in dogs, there is evidence that it can help ease symptoms just as it does in humans.

Pain Relief

For pups who live with pain from chronic conditions, CBD can ease inflammation and help them get back on their feet. For the nearly 25% of dogs who experience arthritis, cannabinoids can be a game-changer. Even senior dogs may get a little more pep in their step when their aches and swelling are reduced. 

Reduce Seizures

CBD shows promise in helping to reduce seizures in dogs. For furry friends living with epilepsy, tinctures and oils may help reduce the number of episodes.

Choosing the right CBD Products for Dogs

While concentrated hemp extracts are safe for pets, not all tinctures and oils are made the same. First, never give your dog a product that contains THC (also called full-spectrum). Second, products should be free from additives. While humans may be able to handle these in moderation, they can be deadly for pups. The safest way to ensure that your pet is getting safe, natural CBD is to look for products that do extensive, third-party testing. 

Every Allvane product is 3rd party tested to provide objective proof of quality and ingredients. The lab process tests for the amount of CBD in addition to more than 60 chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides. These reports are available for viewing at any time, so you can always see the results for yourself.

That same quality assurance extends to our Canine Formula, a special blend of CBD isolate and coconut oil to make it easy for your pet to digest. Better yet, it’s deliciously bacon-flavored to keep your pup coming back for more.

How much CBD oil should I give my Dog?

How much CBD to give your pet depends on a few factors including weight and severity of the condition. Dosage suggestions are found on every package and our droppers are measured so you can accurately see how much you are giving your pet. Always begin with a small dose, then monitor and adjust the dosage accordingly. 

Animals can’t talk and tell us how they are feeling. Fortunately, we can read body language to see if they are less stressed, calmer, barking less, or have increased pep in their step.

Friendly Reminder

The summer months bring warmer weather and plenty of celebrations. But some holidays, like the 4th of July, aren’t much fun for our canine companions. Fireworks and larger gatherings can cause major stress, leaving your pal to run for cover. Plan ahead and grab some Allvane CBD Oil Canine Formula to take the edge off of the holidays this year.

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