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CBD for Pain Relief: are Oils or Topicals better?

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Experiencing any kind of pain is a pain in you know what. With so many products on the market, how do you know which CBD is most helpful for pain? Should you apply a topical cream, drop a tincture, or snack on a CBD gummy? Which will provide the most direct pain relief? Which CBD pain relief method lasts the longest?

We’re here to answer all your questions whether a CBD topical or CBD oil is best for your pain relief. The short answer is: It depends on your pain. CBD affects the body differently based on how you use it. Your type of pain, its location, and what you need to treat will influence which CBD method is most likely to work for you.

How CBD Relieves Pain

CBD works because your body has an endocannabinoid system – a series of receptors all over the body that react to certain plant compounds. The receptors then influence several of your other systems including your inflammatory response and nervous system. While everyone processes CBD a little differently, this is where the general pain relief effects can come from.

Pain, internal and external, can come from inflammation. When inflammation is reduced, pain also reduces. CBD can also influence how your nerves send pain signals, which can reduce your perception of chronic pain. So how do topicals and CBD oil work differently because of this?

CBD Topicals and Your Skin

Every pulled a muscle, sprained an ankle or slept in a funny position? CBD topicals are your friends. CBD topicals include creams, lotions, and ointments and are applied onto your skin. These are typically used for localized pain as a result of injuries and swollen joints. CBD cannot enter your bloodstream through the skin – it’s too effective a barrier. But your skin also has endocannabinoid receptors which allow CBD to influence your body’s local management of inflammation and pain signals.

CBD oil in topicals is also good for skin health. Hemp oil has long been used in cosmetic and skincare products because of its hydrating, nourishing, and soothing qualities. This makes CBD topicals a popular choice for those with skin conditions and surface injuries.

If you want to treat a localized area for pain, a topical is the fastest delivery system for CBD to that area. If you ingest CBD oil, you may feel a whole-body improvement but not specifically targeted to the joint or area of your body causing you discomfort.

CBD Oils as Edibles and Tinctures

Ingesting CBD for pain, on the other hand, is a more holistic experience. CBD as a tincture absorbs directly into your bloodstream through the mucus membranes under the tongue. As a gummy, you ingest the CBD and absorb it through your digestive system. It reaches your bloodstream through your stomach and intestine walls instead.

Both deliver CBD to the entire body, not just the area a topical is applied. As CBD enters the bloodstream, it gains access to a far greater number of your endocannabinoid receptors. Ingested CBD will affect your stomach and digestive system first, with the possibility of easing digestive inflammation causing pain in the midsection. 

The Right CBD for Your Pain Relief

If you are experiencing pain, CBD may be the right solution to your daily comfort.

If you’d like to try a CBD topical, explore our Warming Salve and a Cooling Roll-on for different types of pain, along and a CBD lotion for everyday use. Each offers a unique experience and is worth trying while seeking the right topical for your needs.

If you’d like to try CBD oil or edibles, our Pain Formula CBD oil, and tasty CBD gummies.

Here at Allvane, we are passionate about helping each customer find the right CBD product for their individual needs. Contact us today or explore our shop to find your next pain relief solution.

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