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CBD as Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory

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Allvane writes this featured article on CBD and inflammation for Get Holistic Health. Read on…


For those currently experiencing chronic inflammation, a great option to consider is our Allvane Pain Formula Hemp Extract Tincture. Designed to be taken orally, tinctures are CBD in liquid form and ours use a base of coconut oil to aid in absorption. This CBD tincture is specially formulated with terpenes  known for their ability to ease inflammation, soothe aches, and provide a healthy dose of antioxidants to help balance free radicals and lessen the extent of oxidative stress. 

If you’re experiencing pain in a specific area of your body, another option is to consider one of our topical products, like the Hemp Extract Warming Salve or our brand new Hemp Extract Cooling Roll-On. Topicals are applied directly to the area of your body causing you discomfort and can be applied throughout the day, as needed.

Take a pre-emptive strike against inflammation by adding Wellness Formula into your everyday routine. CBD isolate supports overall health and well-being, which may aid in fending off imbalance in the first place.

CBD helps manage inflammation best when paired with other healthy lifestyle practices, including sleep, diet and exercise.

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